The objectives pursued by the 6th International EDO Conference "New knowledge management" are:


  • Analysing and discussion about new perspectives and strategies in processes of creation and management of collective knowledge.  
  • Fostering the exchange of research, experiences and good practices about promoting conversation and social and informal learning in the work place. 
  • Assessing new learning formats, collective intelligence and social participation in the development of professionals and their organizations. 
  • Promoting lines of collaborative work between Academia, Public and private sectors regarding creation and management of collective knowledge.
  • Sharing and boosting the key role that people should assume in the development of organizations and society, altogether with personal, professional, institutional and social development. 


The lines of work that will be addressed during the Conference are:


  • Methods and strategies for the new collective knowledge management.
  • Promotion of interaction and collective conversation. 
  • Talent management and human capital in organizations.
  • Corporative networks for the new knowledge management.
  • Social and collaborative learning in knowledge management
  • Informal learning management in organizations.
  • Models and experiences that combine personal, social and institutional development in organizations. 


The 6th CIEDO is aimed at professional groups dedicated to the following activities and roles:


  • Human Resources and Education specialists and the integration of Public administrations, institutions, companies and other organisations.

  • Training specialists who work with public administrations and private companies.

  • Teachers and university researchers.

  • Those responsible for the management and administration of training centres.

  • Scholars of the themes that will be addressed during the Conference.

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